Two local officials of Dromolaxia-Meneou will be giving their depositions at the Kiti police station on Wednesday, following their scuffle at a village café on Tuesday, following damage to the community leader’s car.

The community leader Kypros Andronicou and municipal councillor Savvas Kyriacou have both filed complaints to the police about the fight between the two.

Kyriacou told police that he was hit in the head by Andronicou, while Andronicou said that both he and his wife were injured in the altercation.

“Both parties are accusing each other of causing bodily harm,” Larnaca police spokesperson Spyros Chrysostomou said.

“They will be summoned to testify to the police. Additionally, there were patrons present at the café where the incident allegedly occurred, whose names we have obtained, and they will also be called to testify to the police.”

Disy on Wednesday strongly condemned the incident involving municipal councillor Savvas Kyriacou, a member of the party, and the community leader of Dromolaxia-Meneou, near Larnaca, Kypros Andronicou, who scuffled at a village café on Tuesday, following damage to the former’s car on Monday.

“The recent events concerning the vandalism of a car belonging to municipal councillor Savvas Kyriacou, as well as the subsequent attack and injury of both him and his wife, are utterly unacceptable and condemnable,” Disy said in a statement.

“During the pre-election period, such behaviours aimed at instilling a climate of fear not only do not honour our political culture but should also receive strong condemnation from all political forces.”

Disy was referring to Akel, Andronicou’s party.

“The condemnation of violence must be constant and not selective, regardless of justifications. Particularly, violence against women is highly deplorable,” the statement continued.

The incident had onlookers at a café in the area. Police are examining footage captured by CCTV cameras nearby.

“We urge the competent authorities to promptly investigate the incidents,” Disy’s statement said. “Instead of condemning the unacceptable event, Akel rushes to shield its own community leader, simply citing ‘political expediency’.

“This must end. It is equally unacceptable and condemnable for them [Akel] to lecture us on political culture and teach from the pulpit about protecting women from such extreme behaviours, but when it comes to ‘our own’, they are always presumed innocent from the outset.”

The statement refers to Disy’s call for Andronicou’s resignation after the incident, which was dismissed by Akel on Tuesday.

Disy’s stance and its call for the resignation of community leader Kypros Andronicou is irresponsible and politically motivated,” Akel said in a statement.

“Disy issued statements aimed at polarising the atmosphere before the completion of police investigations into the incident, presuming that this would yield political benefits.

“We call on the police to conclude their investigations and shed light on the matter,” Akel’s statement said.

On Monday, Kyriacou had posted on social media about an attack on his vehicle at the Dromolaxia athletic pitch.

Kyriacou had filed a complaint to police about the matter, saying that there was political bias behind the incident.

According to Kyriacou, the complaints have been filed against specific individuals, who he claimed want him to keep his mouth shut.