Temperatures on Friday are set to reach a scorching 33 degrees Celsius inland and on the north coast on Friday as summer draws ever closer.

On the rest of the coasts, temperatures will rise to a high of 30 degrees Celsius, and highs of 27 degrees Celsius will be felt in the mountains.

The skies will be mostly clear, though with increased levels of high cloud at times, and increased concentrations of dust in the atmosphere.

Winds will also be stronger than usual on the coasts, reaching a maximum of six on the Beaufort scale in coastal areas.

Overnight, temperatures will drop to a chilly 11 degrees Celsius inland, 17 degrees Celsius on the west coast, 15 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and nine degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Sporadic clouds will appear in parts, with winds of up to five on the Beaufort scale expected on the coasts.

Saturday will bring with it more clouds and the potential for isolated rain in some areas, mainly in the west and north of the island and in the mountains.

Those clouds and rains may become storms on Sunday and Monday, with cloud cover set to persist.

Temperatures are set to drop significantly on Saturday and will remain colder than usual for this time of year throughout the weekend and Monday.