A horrific incident of cat killings and possible torture has been reported in Paphos in the Tombs of the Kings area.

Videos shared by an animal rescuer to the Cyprus Mail show one animal lying on the concrete grounds of an abandoned site, alleged as the ‘Land of the Kings’ complex, in a pool of spattered blood and another of collected dead animals with apparent wounds.

A distraught woman can be heard in the audio exclaiming that such a heinous act could happen in the middle of a tourist area.

One dead cat was discovered on Saturday and another five on Sunday a member of the public who feeds the cats in the area, reported to Sigma Live.

Police have inspected the scene and are reviewing CCTV footage in an effort to identify and locate the perpetrators.

One cat was rescued from the site and has been placed under veterinary care.

Cyprus Mail has reached out to the Paphos animal police and is awaiting a response. A spokesman for the general police said he was not aware of any progress in finding the perpetrators as of the time of writing.