The world’s first monument of Michael Cacoyannis, famous Cypriot film and theater director, has been unveiled in Limassol. The sculpture inauguration took place on Monday, May 13th. The monument is located by the sea near the Amathus hotel.

The idea for creating the monument belongs to Alexey Gubarev, an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist and Anna Gubareva, the founder and CEO of charity organization City Friends Club in partnership with international entrepreneur Nikolay Ivchikov and his family.


Alexey Gubarev with Anna Gubareva

«This monument is a tribute to the work of Michael Cacoyannis, the director of 17 movies that have been nominated for and won numerous prestigious film awards. His masterpiece «Zorba the Greek» is admired for its portrayal of Mediterranean life. It shows he’s a great storyteller who truly understood and illustrated the spirit of his homeland», noted Alexey Gubarev.

«Michael Cacoyannis, a luminary figure in the arts, left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, not only of Cyprus but the world at large. Through his visionary work as a filmmaker, he transcended boundaries and touched hearts with tales that resonate across generations», said Nikolay Ivchikov during the opening ceremony.

The sculptural composition consists of a figure of Michael Cacoyannis, who stands behind a camera with an outstretched hand and pointing finger. Several film reels lie next to the director. The monument was created by the outstanding sculptor Philippos Yiapanis. The success and realization of this endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Mayor of Agios Tychonas, Charalambos Ioannou.

About Michael Cacoyannis

The unveiling of the monument of Michael Cacoyannis

Michael Cacoyannis, an esteemed figure in cinema, has left an enduring mark on global culture. He was born in 1922 in Limassol. From his service as a BBC producer during World War II to his founding of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in 2003, his journey epitomizes dedication to the arts. He was not only a film and theater director but also writer, producer, and actor.

His most acclaimed work was the 1964 film ‘Zorba the Greek’, an adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel of the same name. Lila Kedrova, a Russian-born French actress, got her Oscar as best supporting actress for Zorba the Greek in 1964.

Cacoyannis also created the movies «Windfall in Athens» (1954), «Stella» (1955), «A Girl in Black» (1956) and «A Matter of Dignity» (1958). These films not only established his presence on the international stage but also ensured his frequent inclusion in respected festival circuits.

Cacoyannis passed away on July 25, 2011, leaving behind a rich legacy that continues to shape the artistic landscape.