Human Design 101: A personal exploration by SARA DOUEDARI

As someone with a keen interest in astrology, I have always been fascinated by what the stars and planets suggest about our personalities and destinies. However, when I stumbled upon Human Design, it felt like a new level of enlightenment. Through expert insights found in the Human Design app, I discovered a system that blends the spiritual with the scientific, offering a blueprint of our innate selves that feels both revolutionary and deeply personal.

Human Design posits that each of us is born with a distinct energy type that shapes how we interact with the world. By understanding this energy type, we can live more authentically, sidestepping the ubiquitous advice that often leads us astray from our true selves. The liberation of discovering one’s Human Design is akin to finding an instruction manual tailored specifically to you, shedding light on how to best navigate life, from relationships to career choices.

The system categorises us into five energy types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Each type has unique characteristics and challenges. For instance, Manifestors are the initiators, born to lead and inspire, yet they often grapple with feelings of rejection when their strong aura repels the wrong people. Generators, the doers, thrive when they follow their gut instincts, avoiding burnout by focusing on what truly excites them. Projectors, with their knack for guidance, often struggle with energy inconsistencies, learning that their role is less about direct action and more about leveraging their insightfulness. Reflectors, the rarest, mirror society and are wise yet often misunderstood, needing to appreciate their unique perspective.

After diving into the Human Design system and discovering I’m a Projector, the path to understanding myself became clearer. This system has encouraged me to embrace my natural talents instead of fighting to conform to societal norms of productivity and success.

In Human Design, each type has defined or undefined centres that influence how we process and experience energy. Defined centres suggest consistent internal energy, whereas undefined centres are more open to external influences, making us susceptible to conditioning yet also capable of great wisdom.

The BodyGraph further provides strategies and authorities that guide our decisions, ensuring they resonate with our true selves. For instance, Generators benefit from waiting to respond to external stimuli, which allows them to align their actions with their internal energy needs. The BodyGraph also delineates channels and gates, offering deeper insights into our interactions and the roles we are best suited to play. Understanding these aspects can lead to profound realisations about our personalities and potentials, guiding us toward paths that fulfill our true purposes.

If you’re tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to personal growth and yearn for a method that speaks directly to your essence, I recommend delving into Human Design. In a society that constantly pushes us to be something we’re not, Human Design offers a breath of fresh air: a chance to return to who we really are and thrive therein. It’s more than just self-discovery; it’s a journey back to yourself.