Frederick University’s Department of Architecture, in collaboration with the Cyprus Architects Association, is organising a conference on the often-overlooked role of architecture in achieving affordable housing in Cyprus today. The conference will be held on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, from 6-8pm at Frederick University’s Nicosia campus.

The discourse on affordable housing has gained momentum across various sectors of the Cypriot society. However, the conversation frequently centres on the real-estate market, incentives, and funding, neglecting the pivotal role that architecture plays in fostering affordability.

Architecture determines crucial factors such as the necessary minimum living space, choice of construction materials, housing densities, and access to amenities like green spaces, communal areas, views, natural light, and ventilation. Are architects aware of the escalating value of land, space and construction? How aware is society that, in order to achieve affordability, a shift in entrenched housing and living patterns must be made? Can innovative and adaptable architectural approaches accommodate larger populations at reduced costs? How can contemporary urban frameworks and building regulations, grounded in present-day realities, facilitate accessibility?

German University of Cairo faculty member Professor Wafaa Nadim will deliver the event’s keynote speech. Prof. Nadim will explore smart and affordable housing solutions for Cyprus, drawing on the challenges, possible failures and lessons learned from Egypt’s experience.

The presentation will be followed by a Greek-language roundtable discussion on“Architecture and Affordable Housing: The Challenges of the Cypriot Reality” featuring Alkis Dikaios, President of the Cyprus Architects Association and a faculty member of Frederick University’s Department of Architecture, Maria Charalambidou, Architect and President of the Town Planning Council, Andreas Papallas, Architect and member of the Council of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), and Elena Parouti, Architect. The discussion, will be moderated by Professor Lora Nikolaou, Faculty member of the Frederick’s Department of Architecture.

To participate in the event, follow the link. For further information, call Tonia Mantzoura at: 22-394465.

For additional queries, contact:

  • Victoria Avraamidou, Press Officer, Communications and Outreach Service
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