A protest calling for justice over the case of Thanasis Nicolaou will be held on Saturday outside the legal service.

Under the slogan Justice is Not Negotiable, buses are being organised to offer transport for people from other cities.

The protest, organised by the association of mothers and relatives of national guardsmen (Pemse) and Nicolaou’s family, will begin at 11am.

“Honesty, justice, catharsis,” they said.

Thanasis Nicolaou was found dead under Alassa bridge in September 2005. He was 26.

Forensic pathologist Panicos Stavrianos ruled it was a suicide, however the family has long-argued it was a murder coverup.

Earlier this month, the third inquiry into his death ruled Nicolaou was strangled to death in a criminal act.

The decision has been 19 years in the making for his family, who fought to prove Nicolaou did not take his own life.

Last week, cabinet appointed retired Greek police lieutenant Lambros Pappas to aid in the independent criminal investigation into the case alongside lawyer Thanasis Athanasiou.

The family has stressed the attorney-general’s office should stay out of Nicolaou’s investigation, describing them being involved as unacceptable and unethical.

Nicolaou died a day after he reported horrific bullying at his army unit, and spoke out of suspicions of drug dealing in the barracks. An inquiry into his death heard he feared he might be beaten in retaliation and cautioned his mother not to speak to his seniors as the people at his unit “are the type to harm you.”