The non-governmental organisation, Cyprus Integrity Forum (CIF), on Monday called for systematic checks of Gesy to avoid corruption and to ensure full transparency in the health system.

According to the CIF, a roundtable discussion with stakeholders had highlighted issues of concern regarding the current management of Gesy, which need to be addressed immediately and effectively before the system collapses financially and qualitatively.

The findings were included in a manifesto called ‘Transparency and Fighting Corruption in the Health Care System’ drafted by CIF.

Cyprus Integrity Forum member Dr Stelios Hadjichristofi said their primary concern was the lack of transparency, such as the prohibition of the Gesy supervisor by law to post on its website and make its reports public.

According to the CIF, the publication of the commissioner’s reports would contribute to transparency and to combating and reducing abuses, both on the part of the doctors and on the part of the beneficiaries.

Hadjichristofi said that the incomplete and weak exercise of control by the health insurance organisation (HIO), the incomplete exercise of control by the health ministry, the incomplete legislation governing the control and the correction of any distortions and the ambiguity that exists in the interpretation of the thinking behind Gesy are also other factors that create a lack of transparency.

“The management audit of the HIO by the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus showed disappointing results,” he said.

In addition, it stated how there is no control over the quality of diagnostic machines or medical equipment in diagnostic centres and added that there is no control even in cases of negligence.

On the issue of corruption within the Gesy, the CIF noted that there is great leniency in the implementation of the already deficient legislation and frequent abuse of control procedures.

In addition, the CIF argued that there is no clear calculation of the amounts spent on health and underlined the need for systematic performance auditing of professionals and infrastructures providing medical operations.