The interior ministry on Thursday announced that there is an instructional video uploaded online to help voters cast their ballots in the correct manner for the upcoming elections on June 9.

The video and further instructions can be found on

In addition, the ministry said that sample ballots for all offices have been posted online at the Elections Service website.

The information material states that upon receipt of the ballot paper, the voter enters the voting booth and secretly marks, with a blue or black pen, the designated spot, i.e. “X” or “+” or “√”, in the square under the column of the combination, or next to the name of the individual candidate of his/her preference.

Voters are not entitled to choose candidates from different combinations. They may vote either for a combination, even if the combination of their choice has fewer candidates in their area, or for a single independent individual candidate.

A voter may not vote for both the combination of their choice and any other independent candidate at the same time, as, in such a case, the ballot paper will be invalid.