Part of a large circular walkway around the walls of old Nicosia was inaugurated over the weekend, the municipality said on Monday.

Nicosia mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis said the project is part of broader planning for the transformation of the perimeter of the walls and the moat into a ‘green’ promenade of Nicosia, highlighting at the same time the Venetian walls.

He added that the unification of the five sections of the moat for the first time since English rule (with the construction of three bridges) now allows everyone to enjoy a walk at the level of the moat and next to the Venetian walls, travelling a fairly long distance through the greenery next to the historic monument.

Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades said Nicosia has changed and has steadily progressed in many projects which are interconnected and constitute a social infrastructure for the city.

He added that it is important that the new route of the Great Nicosia Walk includes the bust of Doros Loizou, as the new generations have the opportunity to get in touch with history.