Usually when people come to visit the pressure is on to take them to a decent restaurant. Despite really liking somewhere myself, will they like it just as much? However, this time around, my visiting friends wanted to try a place recommended to them by the hotel manager which was a stone’s throw from where they were staying. The cynic in me immediately thought that the manager was friends with the owner but, they seemed to really want to try it so, I went along.

Eu Kouzin is central but not really near any other established bars or restaurants. The shop front is modern but humble. Eu Kouzin isn’t trying to lure people in with flashy signs. The most noticeable thing at a glance was the pristine tables outside. As we approached, I smelled something that had I smelled it before I would have definitely remembered. It was immediately clear they had souvla on the go. If there was nothing else on the menu I fancied, there would be something for me!

It seemed as though we were fairly early for the dinner rush as the restaurant was not very busy. This gave the owner the perfect opportunity to come over and greet us. His warm welcome felt so genuine, it was like we were regulars! The walls inside are decorated with many different photographs, giving this modern, roadside restaurant a touch of the traditional taverna.

How do I even begin to describe this menu? It would be easier to say what it didn’t have! Seafood section, multiple grilled dishes and of course, various meats cooked over charcoal, food of the day, pasta, starters and salads. I also liked that the menu has a sprinkling of traditional dishes like okra, chickpeas and moussaka.

The prices too were pretty decent. Some dishes were what you would expect to pay at any respectable restaurant and others were really reasonably priced, compared to others. Nothing jumped out as being pricey. However, almost the entire menu jumped out at me, and I really didn’t know what to choose. My partner very quickly decided on the grilled squid with a side of steamed vegetables. That sounded like a pretty good option but I didn’t want to order the same thing as somebody else.

I convinced myself that I’m a souvla connoisseur and that I would be able to judge the quality of the restaurant by the standard of its souvla (let’s be honest, the smell of it cooking was what gave it the edge). My side was promptly ordered for me by my partner, lemon-baked potatoes. I would have chosen them myself and I now had a sneaking suspicion it would be a shared side!

When the food came out, my eyes widened looking at the portion that had just been placed in front of me. There were five pieces of souvla, which is more than enough! The grilled squid looked so fresh and had a little pot with lemon and olive oil sauce. Not wanting to look like a savage and pick up the food with my hands, I cut in to it with my knife and it was so tender. It must have been cooked right, and slowly because there is no other way to explain how good it was. I was also so glad that my side was ordered for me because they complemented the dish perfectly. Luckily, there were enough potatoes to share.

In the end, whether the manager of the hotel was friends or not with the owner of Eu Kouzin didn’t matter because it was a fantastic recommendation and one I will also be recommending without hesitation to anyone who asks for a good place to eat.


SPECIALTY Cyprus and international dishes

WHERE Eu Kouzin, Kimonos 3, Larnaca

WHEN Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm

CONTACT 70003336

HOW MUCH Grilled squid €14, souvla €12, Greek salad €8, lemon-baked potatoes €4