To mark the transformation of an old industrial building in Limassol into a public space, a group exhibition is taking place, curated by Nicos Chr Pattichis. The Casts of an Island exhibition opens on Sunday and will be the first artistic showcase at the Carob Warehouse.

Considered to be one of the most significant modernist structures in Cyprus, the Warehouse was built in the 1960s by engineer Andreas Papadopoulos and architect Fivos Polidorides, located half way through the marina and the new port. This year, the PSI Foundation is transforming it into a cultural venue starting with this exhibition, which will run until October 31.

Cypriot contemporary art will be featured in the exhibition showcasing 120 works produced in the last 35 years by 43 artists. Some of them are political in nature, dating back to when the checkpoints opened in 2004, while other pieces were made specifically for the exhibition.

“The artworks featured are curious accumulations of diverse materials,” says art historian Thalea Stefanidou, “transformations of archival substances and everyday objects with reimagined aesthetic roles, along with new mappings between fictive urban planning and psychogeography.

“This creative polyphony naturally leads to deep reflections on critical issues tied to historical memory and social progress across all sectors of ‘real’ life, fostering the development of new thinking aimed at building a redemptive worldview. Many of the works are part of the non-profit organisation CYCO (Cyprus Contemporary Art Center).

The exhibition takes its title from the monumental installation, Casts of an Island 2024 by Socrates Socratous, with casts ‘or more precisely, the imprints of the island’ of Cyprus.”

Casts of an Island 2024

Group exhibition. June 2-October 31. Carob Warehouse, Limassol. Tuesday to Saturday: 11am -1pm and 5pm-10pm