The first election results on June 9 are expected to come out by 7.30pm on Sunday night, the director of the elections service Menelaos Vasiliou said on Thursday.

Final results are expected to be received by 7-8am on Monday morning, he added.

Just over a week before the elections, the elections service is now in full swing, dealing with procedural issues and with the printing of the many last forms for the elections.

As reported by Vasiliou, the number of voters is 705,357. A total of 568,608 are Cypriots of which 834 are Turkish Cypriots. Another 21,640 are Europeans voting for the local elections, while 11,840 are Europeans voting for the European elections and 103,269 Turkish Cypriots residing in the north voting for the European elections.

He added that around 9,000 people will staff the 1,845 polling stations. Abroad, namely in Greece, the United Kingdom and Belgium, 17 centres will operate in 13 cities.

The approved budget for election expenditure is €6,650,000.

The counting of votes will take place at the local polling stations.

All proclamations will be made on Tuesday, June 11.

Vasiliou pointed out that the particularity of the June 9 elections lies in the fact that for the first time eight elections will be held at the same time.

As it is known, elections will be held to elect members of the European Parliament, district governors, mayors, deputy mayors, municipal councils, mukhtars, members of community councils and members of school boards.

All citizens of the Republic aged 18 and over who have their habitual residence in Cyprus, as well as citizens of other member states of the European Union who reside in Cyprus and are registered in the relevant electoral rolls, have the right to vote in the forthcoming elections for members of the European Parliament and local authorities.