In the presence of Greek government ministers, municipal authorities, Greek and Cypriot business leaders, and media representatives, the ceremony for the official unveiling of the historic Olympic Airways aircraft, “Mount Olympus” Boeing 727, took place on May 22, 2024 at the Sourmena Stadium in Elliniko.

The legendary Boeing 727, which had been abandoned at Elliniko Airport since its last flight in 2001, was originally purchased in 1968 by Aristotle Onassis for the Olympic Airways fleet. More recently, Andreas Christodoulides, President of the Cypriot company Zela Aviation, bought the historic aircraft, which, after refurbishing and renovating it, he donated to the Municipality of Elliniko.

In his welcome address, Christodoulides noted that the initiative would ensure older generations do not forget, and younger generations learn, the history of Elliniko, Olympic Airways, and its founder, Aristotle Onassis. He added that his decision to buy, restore and preserve the legendary Boeing 727 was undertaken as a duty to Greece, and due to his passion for aircraft, that began in childhood in Cyprus.

Greek Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras called the “Mount Olympus” a living monument, underscoring that this legendary aircraft, one of six Boeings purchased by Onassis for Olympic Airways, symbolizes Greece’s aviation history.

Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis described the event as moving, noting that the Boeing 727 will preserve the tangible memory of a glorious era in modern Greek history, associated with Olympic Airways and Onassis. Minister Georgiadis added that it was of benefit to all that the historic vessel would continue to be preserved, thanks to Zela Aviation President Christodoulides.

In his own address, Mayor of Elliniko and Argyroupoli, Giannis Konstantatos, said that, thanks to this initiative, the Municipality would keep alive and vibrant the memory of Olympic Airways, while Christodoulides’ own name would form an enduring part of the airline’s history.

The legendary Olympic Airways aircraft will now adorn Vouliagmenis Avenue at Sourmena Stadium, allowing the public to travel back in time, to discover aviation’s fascinating history.

View the event’s highlight video below: