Education Minister Athina Michaelidou said children can play a leading role in the fight for a sustainable future, during her remarks on ‘Environmental Action Day’ held at the 21st primary school of Limassol on Thursday.

In her address at the event’s opening ceremony, organised in collaboration with the school’s parents association, the school board, and the municipality of Mesa Geitonia, Michaelidou congratulated the organisers for their initiative, adding that the event provides an opportunity to join forces to care for the environment, promoting sustainability and the preservation of nature for future generations.

This is the goal of the sustainable environmental education policy adopted by the education ministry, as part of our broader effort for a modern, democratic, and inclusive school,” she said.

Michaelidou, who also participated in tree planting and other activities involving children, parents, and teachers, mentioned that the actions under this policy aim not only to protect the environment, “but also to create ecological awareness among the younger generation, educating them about their rights and responsibilities.”

“Through environmental education and sustainable development, our children learn to respect the environment and take action to protect and preserve it as active citizens of our country and our planet,” she said.

She then stressed that the current initiative, with its campaign to improve and care for the school’s environment and the nearby parks, shows how children and young people can lead the fight for a sustainable future.

“On top of that, initiatives like this positively impact students and the local community and society at large.

“Let us focus on this day and use it as an opportunity to further raise awareness on environmental and sustainability issues and expand our actions in these critical areas,” Michaelidou concluded.