Cyprus is set to make a significant showing at the international shipping conference Posidonia 2024 in Athens, with around seventy companies participating in what is considered the largest maritime exhibition in the world.

Held biennially, Posidonia attracts exhibitors from all sectors related to shipping, with representatives from over eighty countries emphasising its global importance.

Deputy Shipping Deputy Minister Marina Hadjimanolis has been in Athens since June 2 in anticipation of Cyprus’ involvement in the exhibition.

During her visit, she will not only participate in various events and workshops but also serve as a speaker on several panels organised alongside the exhibition.

Furthermore, she is scheduled to hold meetings with numerous shipping companies, continuing her efforts to engage and consult with the shipping community.

In addition to her engagements with industry representatives, Hadjimanolis will also meet with her ministerial counterparts and ambassadors from countries with a vested interest in shipping.

These discussions are expected to address the global challenges currently facing the sector.

A highlight of her visit will be hosting a reception on Wednesday, June 5, in honour of Posidonia 2024.

This event is expected to draw members of the Greek shipping community as well as executives from Europe, China, Japan, and other nations, providing a platform for networking and furthering international shipping relations.