The government’s unwavering goal and priority is to strengthen people’s sense of security, Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis said on Monday during an event in Larnaca, where he told attendees that the government is working methodically and seriously to implement targeted measures ensuring public order, safety, and peace.

Hartsiotis added that the administration of justice is a fundamental pillar of the rule of law and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

He highlighted the justice ministry’s role in revising legislation and introducing new laws to reorganise the legal system and improve the quality of justice in Cyprus, acknowledging “widespread concerns, both locally and internationally, about the slow pace of justice.”

Cyprus is among the EU countries with the lowest performance in the time required to resolve civil cases, resulting in significant backlogs,” he said.

“Our duty as a government is to uphold the integrity of justice as the strong foundation of a well-governed state,”

Hartsiotis then reiterated the government’s commitment to building a justice system that serves the public interest and benefits everyone, outlining initiatives underway at the ministry that include promoting alternative dispute resolution methods and amending laws on enforcing court decisions.

He noted ongoing projects in the courts, focusing on clearing backlogged cases and digitising the judicial system with the introduction of e-justice to improve public service.

He also stressed the importance of establishing new courts, citing the new Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, with the Commercial Court and Admiralty Court expected to follow.

Furthermore, the minister highlighted the significance of public order and internal security, especially given the geopolitical developments in the Middle East, “which create new security challenges.”

“The emergence of new forms of crime necessitates continuous vigilance and enhanced preventive and repressive measures,” he said.

Enhancing the people’s sense of security is a non-negotiable goal for myself and for this government.

“Our citizens must feel and be safe,” he said, pledging methodical and serious efforts to restore public confidence in security and institutional trust.

The minister also addressed the surge in serious crime, including recent bombings and arson attacks on justice officials.

“These incidents, along with other heinous crimes, have raised concerns, prompting the police to take additional preventive and deterrent measures. I am fully dedicated to tackling these significant challenges,” Hartsiotis concluded.