Water being pumped into the north from Turkey was cut off on Tuesday due to a fault at the pumping station near Panagra.

The water supply was cut off entirely at 8am so workers at Panagra, the location of the reservoir into which water from Turkey flows, could repair the malfunction.

As a result, water from Turkey will not flow into the north on Tuesday and until the malfunction is fixed, but the north’s ‘agriculture ministry’ urged people not to panic.

Water will be provided from our local drinking water resources until the malfunction is fixed,” they said.

“It is of great importance that our people use water consciously and sparingly.”

They also said they would supply the “necessary information” to people and local authorities throughout the outage.

Water from Turkey has been flowing into the north since 2015, when the undersea pipeline was completed, securing a water supply in the north which had hitherto been unstable and prone to shortages.

The pipeline snapped in January 2020, but was fixed in the October of the same year.