The environment commissioner’s office on Wednesday called on the state and public to commit themselves to restore the earth and protect the environment on World Environment Day.

“Today, on World Environment Day, let us commit ourselves, state and citizens, to work and strive every day to restore the earth and protect the environment to ensure a sustainable and prosperous present and future,” said the commissioner Antonia Theodosiou.

According to the commissioner’s office, Cyprus has launched pilot actions, through partnerships with community clusters, to assist them in their transformation into climate-neutral clusters and in their efforts for environmental management and development of their areas.

“At the same time, the development of a national climate neutrality standard and/or guide has been initiated in cooperation with other relevant bodies and the Cyprus Standards Organisation,” she said.

She added that they organise workshops, participate in lectures and conferences on environmental justice, environmental education and know-how, green transition, sustainable mobility, sustainable development and the circular economy.

Also in an announcement for World Environment Day, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Youth Dynamics said climate change is one of the greatest threats of the 21st century.

“Global warming, changes in weather patterns and an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme events such as heat waves, floods and droughts are some of the impacts we are already experiencing,” the group said.

“Climate change is not only an environmental problem but directly affects our health, economy and society and changes in climate conditions can lead to food and water shortages, population movements and increasing inequalities.”

Youth Dynamics called on young people so that they can equip them with sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to take action against climate change and protect the environment.