Cybercrime “knows no borders”, bicommunal technical committee on crime Greek Cypriot co-chairman Andreas Kapardis said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a committee meeting, he said the island’s two sides should “work together and push the frontiers of knowledge about Cybercrime and the challenges is poses”.

Turkish Cypriot co-chairman Salih Doratli said modern technology is becoming “a new playground for crime”.

“We should focus on how to monitor it and on what kind of precautions can be taken to protect our digital assets,” he said.

United Nations representative Sergei Ilarionov said the committee has “worked well to continue the dialogue between the two sides at this critical time” and said it has done “a lot of great work”.

He also congratulated the committee’s members for their “professional attitude and personal dedication to their work in pursuing dialogues and meaningful joint activities.”

He said such activities have been “instrumental” in bringing Cyprus’ two communities together.