KeelX, an innovative maritime software provider based in Limassol, this week announced the signing of an official partnership with Veracity, the leading maritime emissions cloud by internationally accredited registrar and classification society DNV.

This strategic alliance, the announcement explained, set to redefine emissions data sharing and verification, was unveiled during a partner signing event at the prestigious Posidonia Expo in Athens.

This partnership enables shipping companies using KeelX’s advanced platform to seamlessly share emissions data with DNV’s Veracity platform via an integrated API.

This integration facilitates an automated flow of verified emissions data, beginning with the delivery of the noon report and culminating in the acquisition of a verification statement through DNV’s Emissions Connect solution.

At the core of this collaboration lies KeelX’s flagship SaaS solution, KeelX Analytics. This robust tool empowers maritime operators to monitor and optimise the environmental performance of their fleets.

By leveraging the predictive capabilities of KeelX Analytics, operators can effectively manage their emissions footprint, aligning with global decarbonisation imperatives.

Barry Authers, Head of Partnerships at Veracity by DNV, underscored the significance of this integration by saying that “integrating KeelX Analytics with the Veracity cloud enhances the efficiency of emissions data verification”.

“It enables our shared customers to receive daily verifications of their operational vessel data, in an automated process, offering higher data granularity and reducing administrative efforts,” Authers stated.

“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance sustainability in the maritime industry,” he added.

Patrik Bollini, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at KeelX, commented on the strategic significance of the partnership, “This represents a significant leap forward in our joint commitment to drive maritime decarbonization. It underscores our unwavering dedication to operational excellence and data integrity.”

KeelX extended its gratitude to key partners such as Lemissoler and Uniteam Marine, whose collaboration has been instrumental in reaching this historic milestone.

Michalis Papaioannou, Technical Manager at Uniteam Marine, shared his enthusiasm, saying “We are thrilled about the partnership between KeelX and Veracity”.

“This collaboration not only enhances our operational efficiency but also reinforces our commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance,” Papaioannou explained.

“The automated processes reduce the administrative burden on our team, allowing us to focus on our core mission and strategic objectives,” he added.

The partnership also paves the way for enhanced compliance and operational efficiency, enabling maritime companies to focus more on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.

John Hadjiparaskevas, Managing Director at Uniteam Marine, added, “We are confident that the combined strengths of KeelX and Veracity will support our goals and set new benchmarks in the industry.”

“We are immensely proud of this partnership with Veracity,” Aristos Philis, CEO at KeelX said.

“It marks a crucial step in our mission to support the maritime industry in achieving its sustainability goals,” he added.

“Our combined efforts will undoubtedly contribute to a more sustainable future”, Philis concluded.