The head of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa Institute of the American-Jewish Council (AJC), Michael Feldstein, termed Cyprus as one of Israel’s “best friends” during the council forum on Tuesday.

“Cyprus is one of the best friends Israel could hope to have,” he said.

Thanking Cyprus for its solidarity and the implementation of the “Amalthea” project, Feldstein noted that the Republic is a “bridging state” in the Eastern Mediterranean region even as it faces occupation by a third country itself.

“This,” said Feldstein, to the applause of the delegates, “must be highlighted and we are on the side of Cyprus.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, in attendance at the same event praised the level of bilateral relations between Cyprus and Israel in his speech.

He emphasized that the bilateral strategic relationship is based on transparency, solidarity, close cooperation and mutual trust.

This cooperation, Kombos said, spans the fields of defense, security, counterterrorism, energy and exploitation of natural resources, and ensures security and stability in the region.

The foreign minister has been in the United States since Monday on a multi-day working trip, with contacts in Washington, New York and Chicago.

His visit will end on Monday, June 17, with a meeting with his US counterpart, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, at the State Department.