With the elections for MEPs and local government officials over, the Audit Office will now step in to inspect if all candidates stuck to the rules over their spending.

There is a two-month window where the hundreds of candidates have to file a report of their spending during the campaign.

Each position has its own price cap: MEPs had a €45,000 cap, along with €5,000 in personal expenses, municipal councillors had their limit at €3,000 while deputy mayors had a €10,000 ceiling.

The obvious hole in the scheme as is so often the case, is that cash spending may not always be traced. While receipts can of course be submitted, it is easier for someone to ‘buy’ a favour at a tavern or local watering hole and have it go unnoticed.

There is also the question of candidates using accounts of their relatives that may make evasion easier.

For mayors, the sum depended on the number of eligible voters. Someone running for the position where there 15,000 voters, could spend €10,000.

The figure goes to €20,000 for eligible voters ranging between 15,001 to 30,000.

Where there are 30,001 voters and more, then mayors had a €30,000 ceiling for their campaign.

District governors had a €30,000 cap while community leaders were allowed up to €3,000.