Some classes will be cancelled on Friday, due to the high temperatures of around 43C expected to affect the island, the education ministry announced on Wednesday.

Thursday is already a school holiday.

According to the ministry, due to the high temperatures expected, classes are suspended at 10.45am on Friday, June 14 at the primary schools, kindergartens and special schools, while the optional day schools will not operate at all on that day.

The ministry added in a statement, “based on the recommendations of the meteorological service and the health ministry, on Friday 14/06/2024, a day when particularly high temperatures are predicted, classes in all primary education schools will be suspended at 10.45 am.

“Therefore, at this time, parents/guardians are urged to ensure the safe pick-up of their children.”

The ministry also said that parents/guardians wishing to keep their children home all day on Friday, will be allowed to do so, as the absence will be considered justified.

Meanwhile, the Met Office issued an orange warning in effect from 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm on Thursday, and the Forestry Department noted that the fire risk remained at “red alert”.

The maximum temperature in the interior is expected to rise to around 43 degrees Celsius and around 34 in the higher mountains.