Temperatures are to continue to soar on Sunday to a high of 39 degrees Celsius inland, with temperatures on the west coast to reach 31 degrees Celsius, temperatures on the rest of the coasts set to reach 35 degrees Celsius, and temperatures in the mountains set to reach 28 degrees Celsius.

In addition, strong winds of up to five on the Beaufort scale will be felt on the south coast, while winds elsewhere will remain meeker.

Overnight, light fog and low cloud cover may impact the eastern half of the island, with temperatures to drop to 20 degrees Celsius inland and on the north coast, 22 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and 17 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Increased cloud and even a spot of isolated rain is possible on Monday, while blanket sunny weather is predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday will therefore see a slight drop in temperature, with the mercury rising once again through Tuesday and Wednesday.