Eight German energy companies are due to visit the island for a conference in July by initiative of the German ministry for economy and climate action (BMWK), it was announced on Tuesday.

The announcement by the Cyprus chamber of commerce (Keve) states that the eight companies, which specialise in energy efficiency and energy-saving for buildings, will meet local stakeholders to explore possibilities for collaboration.

The companies include Apollo Green Solution – specialist in transparent photovoltaics (PVs) in combination with battery systems and charging stations; SUNSET Energietechnik, focused on CO2 neutral PV and solar systems; Led Light which deals with lighting systems for saving energy and antimicrobial LED lighting;  inventers offering sustainable ventilation systems for “passive” houses; Steinel – advanced lighting systems with integrated management; Ecodry – wall dehumidification, ventilation and wall coatings; and Soliterm Group and Protarget which deal in solar systems for thermal energy production for industrial applications.

Cypriot and German presenters will address the conference, which is set to take place July 1-4 in Limassol, with information on the potential of the German market, as well as data and prospects of the local sector.

The technological solutions proposals are addressed chiefly to medium and large businesses and hotel units, local government organisations, project developers, food and beverage industries, and architects.

A seminar on renewable energies and energy modernisation of commercial buildings and hotels in Cyprus will take place on July 2.

Futher information and profiles of the visiting German companies are available on the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce website.

The mission is jointly organised by the Greek-German, as well as the Greek, chambers of commerce and the employers and industrialists federation (Oev).