More low-income pensioners will be able to vacation for free in mountain resorts after the government increased the number of beneficiaries for subsidised holidays on Wednesday.

Due to great interest from pensioners to participate in the holiday grant scheme offering them fully subsidised vacation in resorts at mountain resorts and Pyrgos Tillyrias, the government increased the number of beneficiaries to 6,600 from 6,300 persons.

The decision comes after cabinet approved a relevant proposal by the labour ministry.

According to the ministry’s announcement, the scheme covers the period from June 4 until July 29 as well as between August 3 and September 28. It includes full board accomodation for three nights from Friday to Monday and Tuesday to Friday.

Eligible beneficiaries must be permanent residents and fall under specific income categories. These concern recipients of the minimum guaranteed income, single pensioners with annual income below €15,500 or married pensioners whose annual income is under €20,000, and their dependents.

Initially, the scheme was expected to benefit 6,266 individuals at a cost of €950,000.