Police arrested a 50-year-old woman in connection with a home burglary in Paphos, authorities reported on Wednesday. She is the second suspect arrested in relation to the crime; the first was a 20-year-old man detained on Monday.

According to Paphos police, a 28-year-old woman reported on June 16 that her home had been burgled sometime between June 14 and 16. She reported that the burglar had stolen bottles of liquor and gold jewelry worth €3,000.

Police determined that the intruder had entered the house through an unsecured door.

Police found that someone had managed to break into the house through an unsecured door.

On June 17, an individual attempted to sell gold jewelry at a pawnshop in Paphos. The clerk, suspecting the items might be stolen, raised concerns, prompting the individual to flee, leaving the jewelry behind. Members of the Paphos CID visited the pawnshop, examined the items, and identified the suspect as a 20-year-old man from Paphos.

An arrest warrant was issued, and he was located and arrested later that day at 4.20pm.

Further investigations revealed another individual’s involvement in the burglary.

On Tuesday, officers searched the residence of the additional suspect, who was absent at the time. His 50-year-old mother was present during the search. Police discovered some of the stolen goods from the burglary, as well as several gold jewellery items of unknown origin.

The mother was unable to provide satisfactory explanations for the items and was arrested for both the house burglary and illegal possession of property. Her son remains at large.