Two centres for people with eating disorders are in the pipeline, the House health committee heard on Thursday.

The committee once again discussed the rising numbers of children and teenagers suffering from anorexia and bulimia in Cyprus and the pressing need to take measures to address the issue.

Speaking after the committee meeting, its chairman Efthymios Diplaros said the national strategy on eating disorders is expected to “be completed in early 2025.”

Diplaros said a private centre was expected to open in October this year, while €1 million for a second one for adults and children would be included in the state budget for 2025.

He added that both centres will join the national health scheme Gesy.

Referring to 2022 data, Diplaros said referrals to clinical dieticians and psychologists have increased.

According to the data, 1,166 cases of children with bulimia were referred to a clinical psychologist and 976 cases of children with early stages of bulimia were referred to a clinical dietician.          

In adults, the number of bulimic cases is 2,997, excluding cases of overeating.