Continuing its performances at Axiothea Mansion in downtown Nicosia is the renowned Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus bringing quality productions. Up next are three musical evenings celebrating local, European and Mediterranean sounds.

The Tale of the Lute performance on June 21 will bring together three virtuoso musicians with different backgrounds who will tell the long history of the lute – an important instrument for many different peoples, ranging from Mesopotamia to Al-Andalus – through old compositions from the European Medieval tradition, Persian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic music, as well as including some of their own compositions, which draw on this legacy. Efrén López will be on oud, rabab and guittern, Yasamin Shahhosseini will be on oud and Ruven Ruppik on percussion.

A week later, on June 28, the Memories of the People of Cyprus performance by the Limassol Folklore Society will take place. Three generations of traditional music performers and dancers will celebrate Cyprus’ rich folklore that has been part of the lives of its people throughout history.

The festival’s first July performance, on Tuesday 2, will have music professors and students from six European universities in Greece, Italy and Portugal perform live with the Strovolos Municipality – European University of Cyprus Symphony Band. Their concert, European Winds, will present works for soloists and large wind ensembles, most of which will be performed for the first time in Cyprus.

27th Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus

Two-month-long festival with performances. Until July 13. Axiothea Mansion, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €10. Tel: 22-894531