The Cyprus Association for People with Autism and XM have proudly inaugurated their pioneering Center in Limassol, welcoming all children on the autism spectrum to enhance their quality of life.

The Cyprus Association for People with Autism, in partnership with XM, has launched “Color & Light by XM” this month, a brand new, cutting-edge Child Care Center in Mesa Geitonia, Limassol.

The “Colour & Light by XM” Center, which is fully funded by XM, a multi-regulated investment services group, aspires to be a haven for children on the autism spectrum, offering them a safe and enjoyable environment full of creative and entertaining activities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, improve communication abilities, and express themselves creatively in an environment where they feel accepted and loved.

The Center is open to all children of preschool and school age, aiming to facilitate their seamless integration, inclusion, and socialization. In its initial phase, the Center has the capacity to accommodate 20 children, supported by a team of 15 highly experienced staff members.

Inclusion is a fundamental value that ensures all individuals have equal opportunities to develop their full potential and live a full and happy life. Inclusion is not just an ideal, but a necessity for a fair, harmonious, and prosperous society.

XM has been dedicated to corporate social responsibility from the start, actively participating in initiatives that enhance the lives of people around the world, through collaborations with organizations in Cyprus, Greece, and globally. Now, along with the Cyprus Autism Organization, XM aims to contribute positively to the development of these children, and building a more inclusive and supportive community.

This represents just a fraction of the extensive social and humanitarian efforts of XM, the international group of companies operating in the financial services sector. XM’s Corporate Social Responsibility program strives to foster a better world, promoting equal opportunities and rights for all. For further insight into XM’s initiatives, you can follow their respective social media pages (Facebook: XM Culture and Instagram: @xmculture).