The island’s political leadership received an in-depth analysis on Friday of the sticky situation into which Cyprus has slipped, with the deadlock set fast and UN reports chastising the Greek Cypriot side for stalling progress.

President Nikos Christodoulides informed National Council members of recent developments, including UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin’s meetings and subsequent UN reports.

Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said that Cyprus’ constant coordination with Greece and the EU for the resumption of talks was also discussed.

On July 10, Holguin will submit her report to the UN chief, who will later announce the next steps. On July 11, the UN Security Council will be informally briefed on Cyprus.

Letymbiotis reiterated the south’s readiness to enter a new round of talks and to continue taking initiatives in this direction.

The President also referred to the usurpation of Greek Cypriot property in the north. The spokesman said this is a legal issue and the Republic of Cyprus was “not politicising” the matter.

UN draft reports on Unficyp and the UN chief’s good offices mission were also discussed and the foreign minister will make a statement once they become official.

Letymbiotis said that over the past few years, the UN has maintained equal distances and assured that the government was doing everything possible to protect its rights, interests, and security.

The National Council was also briefed on regional conflicts. Letymbiotis assured that the Republic enjoyed excellent relations with all countries and was striving to prevent further escalation.

Disy leader and House President Annita Demetriou referred to the deadlock and said, “It appears we are at a most crucial point,” adding that efforts must be made so that the UN secretary-general renews the mandate of his special envoy to Cyprus, Maria Angela Holguin.

Akel general secretary Stefanos Stefanou called for substantive initiatives to create a dynamic that would allow for the resumption of negotiations, noting that in the light of UN reports “unfortunately more things are acute for both sides.”

Far-right Elam representative Sotiris Ioannou said Cyprus could not take any more compromises or unilateral actions to begin any dialogue, claiming that recent UN reports contained “lies to damage the interests of the Republic of Cyprus” and “provided cover to Turkey.”

Socialist Edek leader Marinos Sizopoulos reiterated his party’s proposal for an international conference on the Cyprus problem under UN auspices, adding that he was “reserved about any positive outcome of the latest UN effort, due to Turkey’s negative stance.”

Dipa president Marios Karoyian said, “We are at a difficult phase,” and it would be unfortunate if Holguin’s mandate was not renewed, noting that “the Turkish side does not leave much room for the resumption of negotiations.”

Kyriakos Tsimillis from the Green Party said the usurpation of Greek Cypriot property in the north had to stop and noted that the UN reports kept equal distances, which was “a bit more provocative” this time.