The environmental department on Tuesday responded to a complaint letter to addressed to the House environment committee from the Cyprus Recycling Organisation (OAK) regarding the failure to implement the legislation on the management of construction and demolition waste, saying the agriculture ministry is committed to enforce the current legislation and support the need for sustainable development.

The department mentioned in a statement that instructions were given by Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou to respond to the letter and arrange a meeting with OAK, now scheduled July 12.

The department added that, under the minister’s instructions, a campaign was carried out in March 2024 targeting project owners and producers of construction and demolition waste to check compliance.

Over 100 inspections were conducted, resulting in 30 out-of-court settlements totalling €21,000.

“The environmental department continues to monitor illegal construction and demolition waste dumping based on its capacity to investigate complaints and conduct random checks on new projects across districts,” the statement said.

Additionally, it also said that the ministry is currently drafting a decree that will outline the necessary information for individuals and companies to apply for a waste management permit.

The department also listed actions taken as part of the technical committee’s work, established by the Council of Ministers to promote the use of recycled materials derived from construction and demolition waste.