Christos Panayides has been re-elected as secretary general of the bank employees’ union Etyk, following the formation of a new board of directors.

According to an announcement released this week, this development came as a result of the union’s 56th ordinary Pancyprian conference, which convened on Saturday, June 29.

In its statement, the newly-elected board of directors emphasised that, by the organisation’s statutes, Loizos Hadjicostis will continue his tenure as honorary president.

They expressed confidence that his leadership remains the “best guarantee for the effective handling of all challenges that arise”, all aimed at benefiting Etyk and its members.

The board also elaborated on their collective commitment, stating that “as the new board of directors, we are fully aware of the importance of our role and responsibilities towards all colleagues and we would like to take this opportunity to assure all colleagues that we will work hard, as a team and selflessly to defend the well-understood interests of the banking family”.

Moreover, they issued a call to unity among the members “to remain united around the leadership of the organisation”.

“All together, united and strong, we will face effectively every challenge, to continue to lead Etyk’s ship away from dangers and to new successes for the benefit of our colleagues,” they concluded.