‘Vie di Dante’ or ‘Roads of Dante’, is a route connecting the cities of Florence to Ravenna, following in the footsteps of Italy’s great medieval poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri, considered to be the father of the Italian language.

Born in Florence in 1265, Dante wrote his verses in the Tuscan dialect in an era when poetry was generally composed in Latin – a language known only by the wealthy. Dante’s unorthodox approach is thus credited with making literature accessible to the public, as well as paving the way for other major Italian writers such as Petrarch and Boccaccio.

This year, once the Covid-related restrictions are lifted, the paths travelled by the author of ‘The Divine Comedy’ will be a particularly significant destination, given that 2021 marks the 700th year from his death, with a full programme of commemorative events planned.

The route offers eco-conscious visitors a chance to discover a landscape rich in nature, history and art, and to savour a chance to enjoy the benefits of sustainable tourism.

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