A 41-year-old man, suspected of being one of the organisers of a protest that took place in Eleftheria Square, in Nicosia, is facing five charges, some drug related.

According to police, about 50 cars gathered on Saturday at the old GSP stadium and the drivers marched to Eleftheria Square shouted anti-lockdown slogans. They dispersed peacefully around 6.30pm.

The event was in violation of the ban on gatherings.
Police later searched the home of one of the suspected organisers, a 41-year-old man from a Larnaca village.

They said they found one gramme of cannabis and six ampoules of anabolic steroids.

The man was charged and will be summoned at a later date.

Charges include negligence in spreading a life-threatening disease, incitement to commit a criminal offence, illegal supply and possession of drugs and other illicit substances, and drug trafficking.