Mothers from Dali called on the president on Monday to suspend the operation of the two Dali asphalt plants in the Ayion Constantinou and Elenis community.

The small group of masked protesters gathered outside the Latsia health centre where President Nicos Anastasiades received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Holding a banner reading ‘We breathe whatever they burn’, the group reiterated the need for the relocation of the asphalt plants that create air pollution, a long-standing unsolved issue for the community.

“The president noticed our banner and approached us after he got vaccinated,” mother of three Lenia Philipidou told the Cyprus Mail.

Philipidou said the plants operate on a daily basis, even during the holidays despite the fact the community was informed their operation would be suspended.

“The president told us he will have a meeting today to discuss the issue and asked us to be patient,” she added.

According to the group, the eight-month deadline the state has set for the relocation of the plants expires in February, while the environmental impact assessment for the new location is yet to be completed.

“It has been eight years, we are very tired, and nothing seems to be happening,” Philipidou said.