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The public sector will always whinge while ‘enjoying’ their fat salaries

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The miserable catalogue of disgusting examples of selfishness and downright obduracy spelt out by this damning and rapier-like editorial is no surprise to those of us who have been watching the antics of the public sector over the decades. It’s nothing short of a national scandal of monumental proportions.

And how exactly has this sorry state of affairs come to pass and where must the buck stop in the blame stakes? There’s only one place: the political establishment. NO matter the political complexion of the President or Parliament, appeasement is rolled out at the expense of the state which is funded by who? None other than the long-suffering private sector. The same private sector who, during the ever-increasing length of the pandemic, have suffered unemployment, incomes slashed to 60% (if they’re lucky) and uncertainty as to how they’re going to survive and put food on the table.

Not so with the public sector who do nothing other than whinge while ‘enjoying’ their full salaries.

There are three potential solutions:-

Firstly, some form of civil disobedience whereby sufficient numbers of people demand change. This could take different manifestations which could create more problems than solve them. However, historically the populace are far too docile, apathetic and resigned to the status quo. Remember the Mari debacle when a few protesters turned up for a couple of nights outside the presidential palace and that was that?

Secondly, a total volte-face by whichever President is in power to take on the unions and show them the door. This is as likely as Hell freezing over.

Thirdly, official state bankruptcy. The pain induced by this would be a major convulsion but would seem to be the only feasible choice – assuming the EU doesn’t come to the pandering rescue and continues to indulge the weak-willed Cypriot governing classes and by proxy the scourge of the private sector: the public sector.

As ever, time will tell.


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