Sometimes, a challenging present is soothed by a return to the past.

In this video by local travel group Idyllic Cyprus, created right before the island’s most recent lockdown, we visit the remains of the sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, worshipped between the 8th century BCE to the 4th century CE as god of the woodland and protector of the ancient city-state of Kourion.

From there, we journey on, taking in more of Kourion’s magnificent antiquities, and ending at Agios Ermogenis beach, overlooked by the Greco-Roman amphitheatre of Kourion/Curium, today still the site of ancient Greek theatre productions, and a breathtaking point from which to view the Mediterranean.

All destinations shown are 20km or so from the city of Limassol, and definitely worth a visit… just as soon as doing so becomes possible, given the present constraints on circulation.⠀

To learn more about Idyllic Travel and its self-drive adventuring itineraries, follow them:

View the original video here.

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