Inland fishermen have protested against a ban on fishing in reservoirs in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In a letter sent by the Pancyprian Association of Inland Amateur Fishermen to the health minister on Thursday, the association pointed out that amateur fishing in reservoirs is an individual sport, there is no possibility of overcrowding, therefore no chance of transmitting the virus, and in addition, those entitled to fish in reservoir pay for a fishing licence.

The association argued that its members are discriminated against, as hunting and fishing from boats, for which amateurs also pay, is allowed.

Members may fish in the sea instead, thus there will be a concentration of people who exercise at the beach.

“Finally, the winter months are particularly suitable for fishing in reservoirs, and this activity is beneficial for physical and mental health within the existing bans.”

In its letter, the association appealed to the health minister to reconsider the matter and lift the relevant ban.