A total of 3,711 coronavirus cases were diagnosed in the two-week period from January 6 to 19, with Limassol and Nicosia accounting for two thirds of these.

According to the latest national surveillance report, published by the health ministry on Friday, as of January 19 Cyprus recorded a total of 29,250 cases and 177 deaths due to Covid-19 (case fatality risk: 0.6 per cent) since the start of the outbreak.

The 14-day cumulative diagnosis rate for the January 6-19 period was 417.9 per 100,000 population. For the previous reporting period of December 30 to January 12, this figure was 665.2.

Of the 3,711 cases diagnosed in the 14 days 1,346 (36.3 per cent) were reported in Limassol district, 1,210 (32.6 per cent) in Nicosia, 715 (19.3 per cent) in Larnaca, 221 (6 per cent) in Paphos, 122 (3.3 per cent) in Famagusta, and 97 (2.6 per cent) either in the British bases or had a residence abroad, or information was not available.

All but 58, or 1.6 per cent, were locally acquired.

The median age was 39 years. By age group, cases included 563 infants, children and adolescents aged 0-19 (15.2 per cent), 2,399 adults aged 20-59 years (64.7 per cent), 748 people aged 60 and older (20.2 per cent), and for one case (0.03 per cent) the age is unknown.

There were marginally more women (51.5 per cent or 1,910 cases) among the total for the two week period.

Just under one in three – 1,153 or 31.1 per cent, were asymptomatic at diagnosis. And 1,022 or 27. 6 per cent reported at least one comorbidity.

As of January 21, there were 189 coronavirus patients in hospital with a median age of 71. About two out of three (60.9 per cent or 115) were men.

Of 38 cases in ICUs, 34 are intubated. The median age of current ICU patients is 67 years and 25 of them or 65.8 per cent are men. Twenty-four (63.2 per cent) patients currently in ICU have pre-existing conditions.

Since the start of the outbreak here, 143 cases or 10.3 per cent of all hospitalised patients have been to admitted to the ICU. The median age of patients admitted to ICU was 69, while ICU patients are mainly male – 99 or 69.2 per cent. The overall median length of stay in ICU (for all ICU cases) was 11 days.

As of January 21, among cases alive, 73.7 per cent (21,408) of Covid-19 cases have recovered/released from isolation; of which 1,315 (6.1 per cent) tested negative two consecutive times, and 20,093 (93.9 per cent) have been released as per later guidelines.