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Eight drivers test positive to narcotest in less than two weeks

Eight drivers have been found positive for a narcotest since January 13, the police said on Sunday.

In one case, early on Sunday morning a Nicosia driver failed to stop when indicated to do so by the police.

In his effort to escape arrest the driver committed a series of traffic violations and ended up crashing into a patrol car.

This failed to stop him however and the police had to chase the car before managing to bring it to a standstill.

The diver was a 19-year-old with a 19-year-old passenger. Both were arrested while the driver was given a narcotest, which turned out positive.

The driver was lightly injured and was taken to Nicosia general hospital for treatment before being released.

“Substances such as drugs and alcohol have been shown to reduce the mental and psychological effort exerted while driving and to reduce the driver’s performance and skills, thereby increasing the risk of causing a collision,” the police said. The force put emphasis on stamping out these crimes during both its daily activities and through campaigns.

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