Tributes are pouring in from officials, dignitaries and members of the public in Paphos following the death of the former mayor, Andreas Ataliotis at age 84.

“The mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos, the members of the municipal council and the staff of the municipality of Paphos express their sadness at the death of the former mayor Andreas Ataliotis,” the municipality announced.

Social media is awash with tributes from members of the public, in honour and remembrance of the former mayor’s efforts and endeavours for the city of Paphos and his good character.

“We bid farewell to former Mayor of Paphos Andrea Ataliotis . He was an honorable man with a good character. He gave prestige to the mayor’s elected institution and was an asset to the society of the city,” Phedonos said.

Ataliotis, who served as Mayor of Paphos during 1986-1996, had developed in the period before his election to the municipal office, a wealth of charitable activity, serving as President of the Hellenic Schools of Paphos, member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and both president and member of the administrative bodies of associations of Sport, Culture and Social Care.

As mayor, he contributed to the launch of the development and promotion of Paphos and the transformation of the municipality into a constituted local authority. He was distinguished for his sensitivities in culture and characterised by morals and honesty, the municipality said.

“This contributed to the prevalence of high political ethos and political culture for the benefit of society and the city.”

Paying tribute to the deceased, the municipality decided that his funeral should be held at municipality’s expense and a book of condolences opened at the town hall on Wednesday.

“The municipality of Paphos expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Andreas Ataliotis,” it concluded.