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Powder power: an interview with a Cyprus snowboarder

In this video, athletic brand Cyprus Another Angle interviews local extreme sports enthusiast Stasinos Constantinides about how he got started with snowboarding, and regarding the island’s snowboarding scene on the Troodos slopes.

The video also covers Constantinides’ suggestions for newcomers to this exciting winter recreation… on an island otherwise known for its sun, sand and sea.

Other than investing in the appropriate winter clothing, wearing protective gear and purchasing the board itself, Constantinides invites anyone interested in learning how to snowboard to reach out to We Shaka People, the island’s dedicated snow- and skateboarding community, whose members welcome and support new enthusiasts.

Ultimately, when it comes to snowboarding, what is needed is to embrace a gradual mastery of the learning curve, he says. It is not advisable to start from the most challenging blue and black-level slopes, or to go off-piste, as that is a sure-fire way of inviting injury.

“There are some steps you have to follow, and if you follow them correctly, and you have the patience to learn, you will get there,” says Constantinides.

“You need some time, you need some practice. However… you’re going to get there, you’re going to manage, and, at some point… you will snowboard with confidence.”

Cyprus snowboarding community links can be found below:

View the original video on the Cyprus Another Angle YouTube channel here.

And to keep up with all the inspiring athletic happenings across the island, follow Cyprus Another Angle:

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