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How to make Mayo, Aioli and Hollandaise sauce in minutes

In this video, we learn how to make three of the most popular condiments in minutes: mayonnaise, aioli and Hollandaise sauce. The technique demonstrated uses a stick blender, with the idea being to start slow and then gradually increase the implement’s speed as the oil and eggs emulsify.

Mayonnaise is a thick cold dressing commonly used in sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and of course, fried potatoes. It also forms the base for many other sauces, such as tartar sauce and remoulade.

Aioli is a sauce made of garlic, salt and olive oil, found in the cuisines of the northwest Mediterranean, from Valencia to Calabria, while Hollandaise sauce is an emulsion of egg yolk, melted butter, and lemon juice, and considered one of the five mother sauces in French cuisine.

View the original video here.

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