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Famed Torlonia Marbles re-surface for public viewing after 70 years

In this video, we encounter one of the most important private collections of antiquities, hidden away for decades, which has just been put on public display once again.

The legendary Torlonia Marbles, treasures of ancient Greco-Roman art, which are now being exhibited at Rome’s Capitoline Museum, had previously been kept out of public view for about 70 years.

“It’s like having 600-plus works of art… drop out of the sky,” comments archaeologist Darius Arya, remarking on the significance of the stunning private collection of classical works.

Villa Caffarelli, a newly-restored space in the Italian capital’s Capitoline Museums, is the site of the new display, showcasing 94 pieces from the priceless collection of 620 ancient sculptures, in an exhibition called: ‘The Torlonia Marbles: Collecting Masterpieces’.

View the original video here.

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