Scores of people took part on Saturday afternoon in a protest organised by an umbrella group Os Damai (Enough!) calling for an end to the restrictive measures and greater support for workers and socially vulnerable groups.

The group, whose first protest last month was cracked down on by the police, also demandrd the removal of the razor wire the government installed along the buffer zone in Astromeritis to prevent irregular migrants from entering and the opening of all crossing points.

They also called for the immediate withdrawal from the streets of the police water cannon, Aiantas, which they said was “a lethal weapon” and had been used in the earlier protest.

Various groups took part in a march from the interior ministry to the Presidential Palace with banners carrying various messages. Some protesters held banners calling for a solution to the Cyprus problem, other had calls for a secular education, against capitalism, racism and corruption.

The group called on authorities to lift the curfew and the need for permission though SMS to go out, and for investments in public health and education instead of the police and arms.