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Coronavirus: Paphos cafe shut down for breaking host of measures (Updated)

Authorities ordered a Paphos cafeteria to shut down for four days after it systematically violated the measures against the spread of coronavirus.

During a check on Friday evening at the business located on Kennedy Avenue in Paphos, officers found that the cafeteria had no licence to operate, to play music or to serve alcoholic beverages.

Officers also found more customers per table than what regulations allow while there was no social distancing and customers were being served at the bar. The manager was found without a negative rapid test certificate.

On the orders of the police chief, the business was ordered to suspend operations between Friday and Monday.

Police booked in total 168 people and 12 businesses during the past 24 hours for violations of the measures against the spread of coronavirus.

Between 6 am Friday and 6 am Saturday, in total 10,588 checks were carried out.

Most fines concerned failure to send an SMS before going out, non-use of mask and breaking the 11pm curfew. Fines were also given to people who exceeded the permitted number of passengers in cars. Not more than three people from different households, including the driver, are allowed in each car.

In Limassol, 87 people were booked and one business. Twenty-nine people were booked in Nicosia and five businesses, 17 people in Larnaca and one business, 14 in Paphos and four businesses, 16 people in the Famagusta district, and two people in the Morphou area and one business.

Three people were booked during traffic checks.

Eleven of the fines given to businesses concerned restaurants and cafes and one beauty salon where the manager was not wearing a mask.


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