Famagusta for Cyprus initiative announced on Wednesday it will be running in May’s parliamentary elections with 19 candidates in all districts.

The group said they dream of a united Cyprus based on UN resolutions where people, regardless of religion or ideology will be able to move freely without restrictions, crossing points and controls.

In a press conference in the Nicosia buffer zone, in a venue overlooking the northern part of the town, Anna Marangou, who is among the founders of the initiative and a Nicosia district candidate, said they joined forces “to claim the obvious: the reunification of our homeland that will also bring an end to corruption and prosperity to the country”.

“Once this place is liberated from the yoke of the past, occupation, foreign troops, guarantees, and becomes a normal state, only then will it thrive and prosper for the good of us all,” she said.

Marangou also referred to the fenced area of Famagusta. “Whether we like it or not, the solution goes through Famagusta,” she said.

She added that the initiative’s candidates have “clear proposals” without personal agendas and share the same positions on important issues that concern the country.

In their manifesto, the initiative said they would strive for a state promoting equality and without corruption, and with an educational system that will promote critical thinking to prepare “tomorrow’s active citizens”.

“We visualise the future of our children as auspicious, peaceful and hopeful, without any insecurity and fear of war,” the group’s manifesto says.

The group said they will also focus on the environment, cultural heritage and healthy growth based on a free economy with the necessary state intervention to avoid monopolies and unfair competition.

The candidates and the initiative’s positions (Greek only) may be found here.