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Chasing freedom: an interview with Cyprus longboarder Antonis Kyprianou

In this video, athletic brand Cyprus Another Angle interviews Antonis Kyprianou about the extreme sport growing in popularity locally… longboarding.

“You are the wheels, you are the brakes, you are the engine when you are on the board,” remarks the biologist and medical community member, describing the recreation that’s wowing people of all ages, who seek a sense of freedom from stress and to max up their focus in a distracted, out-of-control world.

Having fallen in love with the sport himself, Kyprianou helped set up the local longboarding community via LB Bros CY and Longboards Zone – where newbies and veterans can meet, swap training tips, buy appropriate training gear – from boards to protective clothing – and arrange for longboarding trips to the mountains.

In fact, Cyprus’ easy-to-access hills and mountain roads are the perfect place at which to practise the more competitive form of the sport – downhill longboarding – as well as free-riding, which features more tricks and stunts, without the race-against-time factor. For those preferring a more urban vibe, there is also longboard cruising or ‘dancing’ to enjoy in the city.

Kyprianou stresses the need to learn the sport responsibly, investing in sturdy boards and appropriate safety gear – such as knee pads, gloves and helmets, and to build up skills gradually.

Ultimately, longboarding allows children, teenagers and people of all ages a sense “of achievement, and to feel alive”, says Kyprianou.

Cyprus longboarding community links can be found below:

Instagram: LB Bros CY and Longboards Zone
Facebook: LB Bros CY and Longboards Zone

View the original video on the Cyprus Another Angle YouTube channel here.

And to keep up with all the inspiring athletic happenings across the island, follow Cyprus Another Angle:

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